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About Monjon

Established in 1998, Monjon has two decades of experience and 300+ staff members securing many of Melbourne and Victoria’s infrastructure projects and iconic businesses.

Monjon is a specialist security company with in-house personnel who are professionally trained, equipped with cutting edge digital proof of service technologies that meet and exceed the requirements of our national and multi-national clients.

Monjon specialises in Static Guards, Concierge, Security Mobile Patrols, Electronic Security (including CCTV, Alarm installation, Access control), Alarm Monitoring, Investigations, Surveillance, Close Personal Protection Service, Risk Assessments, Consultancy and Traffic Management services for sites ranging from Commercial Towers, Construction, Warehousing, Road and Rail Infrastructure, Prestige Residential and Commercial Towers / Estates, Retail, Private Schools, Film and TV Production and major events throughout Melbourne, Victoria. Monjon also assists high profile identities and high net worth families with their security needs.

Trust in Monjon is our mantra built on our provision of professional security services, visionary and innovative management, advanced command and control techniques. These elements deliver a world-class security result.

Monjon Security Systems are part of rigorous quality control processes. The system assists the Monjon management team in continually monitoring services provided and information regarding full activity and location details of all security patrol personnel and vehicles.

Monjon’s experience and dedication to our clients through the use of innovative electronic proof of services systems and our understanding of complex client issues are the trademark qualities of Monjon.

All of Monjon’s operations adhere to the Private Security Act 2004, Road Safety Act and Regulations, Australian Standards and meets AS 4801 Occupational Health & Safety standards.

Monjon is proud of their long-standing relationships, professional services to clients and commitment to excellence in customer service.


Corporate Australia demands a turnkey security solution that is trusted and accessible for immediate implementation with rapid activation.

Monjon provides many of Australia’s leading national and international companies with its respected security consultancy. We have secured numerous Melbourne and Victorian iconic and major infrastructure projects, which have been delivered on time due to our critical strategic security advice. Monjon partners with corporate institutions, and government organisations providing ongoing security advice and intelligence.

Monjon utilises its extensive security network both nationally and internationally, to ensure all aspects of each project are covered.

All of Monjon security operations adhere to the Private Security Act 2004, Road Safety Act and Regulations, Australian Standards and meets AS 4801 Occupational Health & Safety standards.

Monjon offers their clients a whole of business, turnkey service. Its security consultancy service includes:

  • Security Intelligence
  • Security Risk Advice
  • Investigation
  • Project Risk Assessments, Threat Profiles and Recommendations
  • Internal and External Counter-measures and Recommendations
  • Operation Orders
  • Security Training (Assisting Boards and Senior Executives)



Monjon’s risk assessment methodology adheres to the Australian and New Zealand 4360:2004 Risk Management Standard 4360:2004 (AS/NZ 4360:2004).

Forming and implementing the risk management process involves establishing context, identification, analysis, evaluation, treatment, monitoring and review and consultation and communication.

Monjon also utilise the risk assessment resources Hand Book 167:2006 Security Risk Management which is based on the proven risk management methodologies of AS/NZ 4360:2004 and provides an improved understanding as to how security risk management can be applied in the implementation of security processes or to enhancing existing security systems and processes.

A risk management process example that can be applied to a project will include (however not limited to):

  • Identifying the risks
  • Analysing the risks
  • Evaluating the risks
  • Treating the risks
  • Ongoing monitoring and review



Monjon has a robust safety, risk and environmental programme and International Standards Organisation (ISO) 9001:2008 certifications for our quality management system. The ISO 9001:2008 standard provides a framework of globally recognised principles of quality management, including: customer focus, leadership, involvement of people, process approach to management, continual improvement, factual approach to decision making and mutually beneficial supplier relationships.

Monjon’s quality management systems have been accredited to ISO 9001:2008 standards since 2006. We have been recognised as meeting industry best practice by our customers and industry peers. Monjon’s business processes and products comply with domestic and global industry best practice security standards.