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About John-Moncrieff-MONJON

John Moncrieff

Managing Director

John Moncrieff, is the managing director of Monjon Australia. As a former senior Victorian police officer with extensive experience both in Australia and Internationally, John was able to identify a significant gap in the security market. His years of experience working in the police force provided John with a wide range of skills that he used to establish a specialised and specialist security business. Created in 1998, Monjon promised to deliver superior security services, strongly focused on quality and integrity. Since then the business has grown to employ a 350-strong staff with hundreds of clients across all areas of Victorian life. This business success is attributed to John’s dedication to infrastructure quality control.

He explains,“Unless we have top quality back room systems to support what we do in the field, we simply cannot perform immediately, professionally or effectively.”

Monjon provides services in the following areas – Guarding services, Mobile patrol services, Electronic Surveillance and Road Traffic Management – each relying on sophisticated and well-developed communications systems and processes that ensure staff, clients and suppliers have the latest information they need.

Monjon houses a dedicated Electronics division. We can assist with alarm installation, back to base monitoring, CCTV, access control and emergency response.