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Security Personnel Solutions

Monjon’s security personnel solutions’ primary objective is to prevent unauthorised entry, theft, sabotage and to eliminate safety hazards such as fires. By implementing appropriate and pro-active security risk management measures, Monjon takes proper steps to reduce the likelihood of security breaches of various kinds.

Our approach incorporates extensive protective measures; including personnel screening and training to prevent and control access to restricted areas. Every member of the organisation has an important role to play in safeguarding our customers’ assets and personnel, especially those that are particularly sensitive and critical to our clients’ operational requirements and service delivery.

Our security risk management personnel observe and report any suspicious activities and behaviours, assess vehicles and pedestrians, authorise entry, control access and respond to additional security needs as required.

Monjon’s electronic proof of service patrol recording system is part of our rigorous quality control processes. The system assists Monjon’s management team in continually monitoring services provided and knowing complete activity and location details of all security patrol guards and vehicles. All employees in all divisions of Monjon are directly employed through the fair work collective agreement.

Monjon’s security program directives and initiatives will focus special attention on aspects such as:

  • Conducting screening and background checks on site security personnel.
  • Providing refresher training for security professionals and in-house security staff.
  • Preventing unauthorised entry.
  • Controlling facility access.
  • Safeguarding and protecting entry control points actively and effectively.
  • Inspecting security controls.
  • Establishing high levels of accountability, enforcement and authorisation.
  • Applying security techniques, devices, procedures and policies to all job functions.

Monjon provides exceptional site security services that exceed our customers’ requirements. Through these measures, Monjon provides a blanket of safety and security that allow our customers to continue their business operations.